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"Sherman Oaks Gives Tourists … and LA’s Curious … the Bird" by Daniel Guss

THE GUSS REPORT-- Tourists in LA hoping to see famous faces sometimes take a not-always-truthful celebrity bus tour.   Others troll land-locked Hollywood for movie stars and musicians who more likely live closer to the salty air enclaves of Malibu and points south.   But most are at-peace after taking in Melrose Avenue, “The Price is Right” on Fairfax and head to Venice Beach to soak in cheap t-shirt shops, misfits juggling chainsaws and colorful vendors hawking shea butter that later has them asking “why did I buy this?”  But this summer’s most colorful local celebrity might be the loud and brash superstar hanging out in Sherman Oaks ... a free-range peacock named Percival has shown up in backyards, on rooftops and waking the locals since early June.  Percival took a particular liking to the homes in the Magnolia Woods section of Sherman Oaks.    There, Michelle Pippin, a hair stylist originally from San Diego, says she first saw him in early June, “He was just walking around the ne…